Instituto Mexicano de Español y Cultura (IMEC) is your destination to learn or improve your Spanish.

At IMEC we are passionate about sharing the beautiful experience of learning and discovering Mexico through our Spanish classes, tours, and immersion courses. Our main driver is promoting and showing all the things we love about Mexico; its culture, traditions, nature, food, and the warmth of our people.

We encourage people to experience a deeper Mexico, when you join us you will understand the folklore and allure of Mexico. Through our programs we support the local communities in two ways; by directly having a positive economic impact and by becoming our ambassadors when you share the experience with your family and friends. We invite you to share our love for Mexico with the rest of the world.

University Credits

We offer a wide variety of Spanish language credits based on your needs.

Online Studies

Our custom Skype one-on-one mentor sessions are designed to get you the help you need quickly.

16 Years of Excellence

We employ a well-trained team of teachers that use the latest techniques in second language teaching.


Upcoming Mexico Tours

Day of the Dead Tour

This tour will explore Veracruz and the surrounding towns for a true Day of the Dead experience. Day of the Dead in Mexico is an ancient celebration to honor and remember those loved ones who have passed away.

Cuernavaca & Mexico City Tour

This tour highlights and explores the gastronomy, parks and gardens, culture, art and leisure of Mexico City and Cuernavaca.

Oaxaca Tour

More information about this tour will be available soon!


Why Learn Spanish With Us?


Established for Over 16 Years

With over 16 years of experience we know advanced techniques to help you learn easily.


Over 5,000 Students

We have mentored many students over the years while making new friends along the way.


Located in the Heart of Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca is known as the place of eternal spring.


World Class Educators

Our teaching staff are passionate about teaching.

Back to real life and days that seem ordinary compared to the wonderful days spent traveling with IMEC friends in Mexico!

Carol Millsaps Williams

It was an amazing beautiful trip. Loved every minute of it. I too am missing all of you. Please stay in touch and hope to see you one day again on a trip.

Sujata Henderson

I enjoyed the tour. A bit hot but I loved the food. I liked Izamal the magical city even after getting lost for an hour before I found my way back to the square.

Jerri Myers

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