Instituto Mexicano de Español y Cultura (IMEC) is your destination to learn or improve your Spanish and discover the beauty of Mexican culture.

At IMEC we are passionate about sharing the beautiful experience of learning and discovering Mexico through our Spanish classes, tours, and immersion courses. Our main driver is promoting and showing all the things we love about Mexico; its culture, traditions, nature, food, and the warmth of our people.

We encourage people to experience a deeper Mexico, when you join us you will understand the folklore and allure of Mexico. Through our programs we support the local communities in two ways; by directly having a positive economic impact and by becoming our ambassadors when you share the experience with your family and friends. We invite you to share our love for Mexico with the rest of the world.

Where We Are

Located in the heart of Mexico (45 minutes from Mexico City), Cuernavaca boasts a gorgeous semi-tropical climate, making it the ideal place to study Spanish.

Why Mexico

As the leader of the Latin American economy and as a partner in the North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexico is the perfect place to provide highly relevant educational and cultural understanding.

Why Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca the city of the eternal spring, is the perfect place to live and to study in the incomparable setting of warm days and cool nights.


Why Learn Spanish With Us?


Established for Over 30 Years

With over 30 years of experience, we know advanced techniques to help you learn easily.


Professional Academic Instruction

We have mentored many students over the years while making new friends along the way.


Located in the Heart of Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca is known as the place of eternal spring.


Personal Attention Guaranteed

Our teaching staff are passionate about teaching and will make sure you achieve your goals.

IMEC’s teachers have many different ways of teaching. They are well versed in technology for distance learning while also maintaining skills for traditional instruction.

Olivia Mitchell

IMEC has excellent Spanish teachers whose skill matches that of the college professors I have had.

Samuel Collins

Vania is one of the Spanish teachers at IMEC whom I have been working with for a few months, and it has been very helpful for my Spanish. Vania has used a combination of conversation, grammar exercises, exploring current events, and culture to help me continue to improve my language skills. I have enjoyed the classes and I know that my Spanish is continuing to improve as I fix errors and learn new things. I would recommend Vania to anyone looking for a Spanish tutor whether someone has a beginner or advanced level of Spanish.

Aaron Hanlin

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