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IMEC is your destination to learn or improve Spanish and to discover the beauty of Mexican culture. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, IMEC’s administrative and teaching team is dedicated to surpassing your expectations.

IMEC is more than a language school; it also focuses on facilitating the acquisition of language skills through its award-winning total immersion programs. We also complement our curriculum with a variety of cultural activities including short courses in Mexican history, Mexican culture, contemporary Mexican issues, the Mexican educational system, cultural videos, handicrafts, cooking, dancing, and travel!


  • 2 hours each day of developing communication and grammar skills
  • 2 hours each day of reinforcing language skills through conversations, discussions, and workshops of arts, crafts, cooking, and dancing
  • Total class time weekly is 20 hours of instruction
  • Daily family interaction
  • Weekend excursions

Private Classes

  • Individuals may schedule private classes with IMEC instructors on an as-needed basis
  • This program is most often used by foreign residents of Cuernavaca seeking to develop their Spanish language skills
  • Private classes are usually one or two hours in length and are offered in packages of 10 hours at a set price
  • Please contact IMEC for further details and pricing


Learning continues as you take advantage of many excursions in colorful México. Visits to museums, archaeological sites, colonial sites, and of course, México´s beautiful beaches create the perfect atmosphere for cultural immersion and life in the heart of México.

  • Taxco “The silver city”
  • México City
  • Puebla
  • Teotihuacán
  • Acapulco


Our classrooms have no boundaries. Through day-to-day life with Mexican families, you will have the opportunity to solidify and expand upon what you have learned at the school. All host families have been carefully selected for their kindness and ability to provide a safe, warm, and nurturing environment for our students. Living with a Mexican family is an integral part of the total immersion experience; you will gain insights into the culture that could be otherwise inaccessible. We feel certain that you will leave feeling embraced by your family and with a new appreciation for the richness of our culture and of family life in Mexico.

*Choose to stay in a relaxing bed and breakfast, an apartment, a hotel or in a private home.  We are happy to accommodate all of your needs.


Independent Learners Packages


Learn Spanish in Mexico

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